She had a thing for spikes.

The weather here has been CRAZY. It can't make up it's mind, so when it finally granted a nice warm sunny day I took advantage of it. I went down by the lake (surprise surprise) and chased some birds. over all it made for a good adventure.

I've been accumulating many spiked objects. I can't say I'm a big "trend" follower but when I see something I like I go for it! So here is a spike-vomit outfit of all things pointy and shiny! But other then that, organe (peachy orange?) is a super fun colour which is great for the season & that this outfit is given an A+ for being worthy of city trekking.

Hat: ROMWE || Top: UNKNOWN || Shorts: DIY || Accessories: EBAY || Sandals: GC SHOES

(Swallow, Mallard ducks & a Swan!)