The First Entry.

I'm not going to lie, the internet is definitely a great way to discover new things. One might even stumble upon something that inspires them. I've decided that while playing endless amounts of games on Facebook is a great way to waste time, maybe I should put my laptop addiction to some use. Read articles, learn recipes, stumble upon DIYs, get drawn in to clothing websites that I can yet afford. The list is endless. There is so much more to do then just waste away refreshing a page hoping that something interesting pops up about some kid you went to school with. I mean really. 

When I think about it, who even knows if this silly little "first blog" entry will even be read by anyone? Does it matter? Although oddly enough, I enjoy writing it. & who knows, maybe someone feels the same way. I'm going to use this as an opportunity to read other blogs and learn about what interesting things people have to say. Maybe someone will learn something new, or better yet be inspired by something that I shared. In the end, I think blogging is worth a try. C: